Xymon Dynamic Criticals (XDC) allows to configure the “Critical Systems”-view of Xymon in hosts.cfg. The 3 priority-levels of Xymon and multiple (unlimited) critical views are supported.


Provide multiple critical views for Xymon that can be configured in hosts.cfg.

  • Xymon builtin priorities {1|2|3} (consumed by criticalview.cgi(1)) are supported

  • all services of a host will get the same prio, no services can be excluded, i.e. the “granularity” is “host” (not “host:service” like the builtin Critical View) Note: Generating a virutal host with combo.cfg(5) might help to separate service on a host.

  • group-name has to match the cgi-filename xdc-<groupname>.sh The wildcard-group-name * includes the host on all xdc-*.sh pages

  • Bonus feature: xdc-everything.sh will add every non-green host to the config, essentially allowing a live-view without any change.

  • There is also work in progress to support generating alerts.cfg-style configuration by appending an e-mail address to the xdc:-tag like



  • bourne shell (/bin/sh)
  • GNU-Awk (either set AWK in xymonserver.cfg or gawk in PATH)


Copying and distribution of this package (ttime), with or without modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are preserved. This package is offered as-is, without any warranty.


Version Release Date
0.1 2019-05-22