pageset with 2 VMware hosts

bb2.local is the Xymon server (running as a VM on vms01.local as you can see on the “vm_status”– and “vmware”-columns below):

vma.local is the vMA that gathers that data from the VMware hosts and t61.local is the second vmware-server.


Status for a Virtual machine (“vm_status”)

Example “vm_status”-column from a host (bb2.local) without vmware-tools running, so no additional information is available:


In contrast vma.local has vmware-tools running: so information about hostname, IP address, … are available:


Status for an ESX host (“vmware” column)

An example “vmware”-column from t61.local. After general information about the host, the usage of cpu- and memory-resources and the total number of VMs and vCPUs running an overview table with all running VMs on the host is shown at the bottom.

The trends-graph for this host looks like this:

Status for the whole ESX cluster (“vmwareO” column)

On the “vmwareO”-column an overview about the whole monitored cluster is shown.