xymon-rclient is an extension provided by Jermey Laidman to allow agentless monitoring, i.e. montoring systems without installing the Xymon client. The link above provides all documentation.

The patched version provided here adds the ability to append data to the clientlog in the same way as the ./local/-directory of the full Xymon client (see Query Xymon From CLI (Part 2: clientlog) for more information on clientlog).

Added feature in the version of xymon-rclient.sh:

Analog to the ./local/ directory of the full Xymon client custom scripts can be passed to the client probed by the xymon-rclient-extension.


For an “RCLIENT:”-enabled client that should have custom data added to the clientlog (see Agent-less Monitoring With Xymon Using xymon-rclient for an introduction and brief installation instructions):

  • create a directory on the Xymon server for the client ~xymon/client/rlocal/<client hostname>/; the client hostname is identical to the entry in hosts.cfg

  • place scripts (“modules”) in that directory and ensure they are executable


  • (for the impatient) manually run the extension on the server

      xymoncmd ~xymon/server/ext/xymon-rclient.sh -m <client hostname>

    The output of the module will be place in a section name [local:<basename of $MODULE>]>

  • check the clientlog on the server either from the webinterface or from the commandline, i.e. using xymonq:

      xymonq -q clientlog -H '<client hostname>'

    to get the full log or

      xymonq -q clientlog -H '<client hostname>' -s "local:<basename of $MODULE>"

    to only get the section added by the module.

    See xymonq(1) for more options like listing available sections.

Final words

The directory ~xymon/client/rlocal/<client hostname>/ may be a symbolic link. This allows to have a “class”-directory with the all the scripts in one place and the client-“directories” are this just symlinks to that directory.

The naming scheme of the releases here is: The patched version simply adds a pX (X=1, 2, …) to the original version.


Version Release Date
0.6.1p1 2016-02-19