ssh-tunnel for Xymon allows to monitor remote systems that are only reachable via ssh, like DMZ hosts, remote datacenters or hosts blocked by (local) firewalls.

It is especially helpful for remote locations with a lot of hosts to monitor that report to xymonproxy that in turn reports via ssh-tunnel to the Xymon server.

All credits go to Padraig Lennon, he is the original creator and author of ssh-tunnel and published it on

Added features in the version of ssh-tunnel available below:

  • handle include-statements of modularized hosts.cfg by using xymongrep
  • establish compression for the ssh tunnels
  • make the remote port configurable to allow the xymonproxy-setup
  • added documentation README.rst

The patched version simply adds a pX (X=1, 2, …) to the original version.


Version Release Date
0.0.5p1 2012-04-03

All patched versions prior to 0.0.5p1 were not made available to the public.