acpi-monitor for Xymon (and Hobbit) aids monitoring of various environmental data from your system (probably a laptop computer) with the help of acpitool. This helps keeping track of battery aging in mobile computers (tracking capacity loss) or better understand cpu bottlenecks (tracking cpu frequency).

The collected data is graphed in RRDs with the help of Xymon’s excellent NCV-module to provide trending data for the collected metrics.

Why was this extension written?

Using acpitool instead of lm_sensors has the advantage of fewer dependencies on configuration files and an almost general availability (except very old hardware) even in default installations of a Linux system.

Only a limited subset of the metrics available via lm_sensors (e.g. no voltages) is available via ACPI. The big advantage of this is the ease in setting up acpi-monitor.

Especially the reporting (and more important: the trend graphs) of the battery capacity loss aids the replacement planning of laptop batteries. The reporting of laptop battery details (model number, serial number) might help in case of product recalls to identify affected batteries quickly.


Currently collected, reported and graphed environmental metrics are:

  • cpu: frequency and scaling governor
  • battery: remaining capacity, capacity loss
  • fan: status and speed (only one fan supported currently)
  • temperature: thermal zones (supports multiple thermal-sensors)


  • ACPI aware Linux-kernel and ACPI hardware of course

  • the bash shell (any bourne shell should work)

  • acpitool acpitool (tested on Linux kernel 2.6.28+ with acpitool v0.4.7, v0.5.1)

  • xymon monitoring system (Xymon)
    Note: this extension also works with hobbit v4.2.0+


$ ./acpi-monitor -h
acpi-monitor v0.5.1
Copyright (c) 2009, 2010 Thomas Eckert,
A Xymon-extension for monitoring various metrics collected with acpitool.

usage: acpi-monitor [-h] | [-d] [-m mod-list] [-c] [-g governor] [-f max_fan]
  -d           debug-mode: print to stdout only, send nothing to server
  -m mod-list  space-separated list of modules to execute,
           defaults to all="cpu battery fan thermal".
  -c           report color "clear" and ouput for "<not available>" metrics,
           by default these statuses are _not_ supressed
  -g governor  cpu: frequency-governor that should be active,
           defaults to "ondemand".
           (Note: to check for _no_ scaling-governor use "n/a")
  -f max_fan   fan: workaround for unrealistic high fan-speeds,
           defaults to "5000".
  -h           show this help-message

Installation instructions and graphing definitions are included in the tarball.


Copying and distribution of this package (acpi-monitor), with or without modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are preserved. This package is offered as-is, without any warranty.


Version Release Date
0.5.1 2010-11-14
0.5.0 2010-05-30