Vmware-Monitor for Xymon (VMX)

monitor VMware hosts (ESX, ESXi): CPU usage; RAM usage; running virtual machines; CPU- and RAM-usage for each virtual machine; and more …


raid-monitor for Xymon

generic monitoring for RAID systems. Currently supported: 3ware, Areca, Adaptec (this includes IBM ServeRAID), LSI megaraid (this includes DELL PERC controllers) and Linux software-RAID (mdraid)


shorewall-monitor for Xymon

Monitoring of shorewall and shorewall-lite firewalls.


acpi-monitor for Xymon

easy monitoring of environmentals of Linux machines (cpu frequency; remaining battery capacity and battery capacity loss; fan speed and fan status; temperature). Very easy to setup, in comparison to e.g. “lm_sensors”


ttime example add-on

An example extension for Xymon that should be usable on any unixoide system to show some configuration techniques.

Patches and additions for external software packages

Patches for existing software are also available.

Coming Soon

  • nut-monitor for Xymon monitor UPS devices via Network UPS tools (NUT) for load, capacity, voltages, status, …
  • fritzbox-monitor for Xymon monitor in- and outbound traffic; connection status and connection time of AVM Fritz!Box routers