To continue our bi-yearly switch of the technical platform powering this website we converted to use Octopress (which uses Jekyll as the backend).

Using ikiwiki was really nice and I will continue using it for technical projects — like internal wikis and blogs — as it is amazingly flexible:

  • The possibilities to include pages, generate maps of pages, convert CSV-data to tables, … are perfect for technical scenarios.

  • The server-side is pretty simple and fast to setup.

  • The setup requirements on the client-side are minimal: you just need git and some $EDITOR — may it be Notepad, Vim, Emacs, … — and all content is generated on the server-side after a simple git push.

But ikiwiki simply lacks a bit of comfort when in comes to present the content nicely. While it would be possible to style it the efforts to do so might not pay off in my case.

In contrast Ocotpress ships with a lot of comfort in that area.

The migration from Ikiwiki to Octopress was relatively easy as the content was already written in markdown.