After more than two years with a TiddlyWiki-based homepage a relaunch was needed.

One reason was to get rid of the language mix of german and english on the old site. To non-german visitors it was not as easy as it should be to extract the needed (contact) information.

While TiddlyWiki is really simple (one file contains all the content) it has some drawbacks when used as a website:

  • adding new content is only possible via the webinterface
  • (yet another) custom wiki markup
  • pictures are not really simple to include
  • webspiders need a static html-export for proper indexing of the site

So the new website setup is based on Ikiwiki to address these difficulties. Some of the reasons for choosing Ikiwiki

  • adding content is possible via a webinterface or using your favorite editor
  • beside other markup languages it supports Markdown, MultiMarkdown and reStructuredText
  • as a wiki compiler Ikiwiki produces plain html output

The old site at remains online.

Feedback is welcome, please contact